Risk / Threat Analysis & Preparation of Mitigation Plan

We conduct Risk/Threat Analysis of any location/unit/company on Israel pattern a Full Proof’ Method on a well designed format, taking into consideration of various kind of Risk/Threats including terrorist attack. Our expert team do specify whether risk is very high, high or low. We also prepare Mitigation plan to effectively counter each Threat/Risk.

During process of Risk/Threat Assessment, our expert group visits entire area, gates, Boundary Wall , Security Posts/Towers, all entry/exit points, Fuel storage areas, Stores and records the essential detail in stipulated format specifying risk –Very High, High, Medium & Low During this process, our expert team try to visualize/ascertain threat of Terrorist Attack, IED /Bomb blast, Kidnapping, Theft/Pilferage, Fire, Sabotage, Risk of blockade of incoming material or Finished product